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This would be the worst experience we came across doing our renovation, Lee at Ian Stephens Plumbing were contracted through our builders to install our Ensuite Shower, Toilet and Vanity, along with doing all the plumbing required. Firstly when I arrived home to see things had been installed lop sided! (Shower tap and toilet flush buttons) at first Lee was pleasant to deal with and came to fix/level, change scratched glass doors and then we realised our shower wall was not stuck to the wall! Lee came twice to try and fix and then said it was as per manufactures instructions ???? This didn't wash with me so I rung there office and was abused by his sister on the phone who apparently was also a "director" of the company, she ended the conversation by saying 'What do you expect from a 'cheap' $500 shower?! We were not told the individual price we paid for each bathroom item, we paid them $2400 for a shower, toilet and vanity ? To me thats not cheap and someones taking us for a ride with this mark ups! Finally after heated conversations with Ian Stephens and our Builders they came back and replaced the shower lining and again it would not stick.. finally the company who imports the showers came to the rescue and had a go... 2 hours later we have a shower wall attached and its comes to our attention it was a intasllation issue not a product default they keep insisting... If I could I would review this company -10 stars and warn any person to stay way from them.

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