Blinds vs Curtains as window furnishings

Blinds vs Curtains as window furnishings
The dilemma facing Homeowners needing to furnish their windows is whether to choose curtains or blinds.

There are pros and cons to curtains and blinds which you may need to weigh up before making your final decision.

Curtains can provide more colour, insulation, room-darkening and privacy when drawn.

Blinds provide clean lines, moderate insulation and reasonable blockout.

Before deciding on curtains, please consider the following checklist to assist your decision:

  • Is there space for the curtains?
  • Have I chosen a pattern that will not easily date?
  • Will the curtains provide adequate sunscreen as well as blockout?
  • What are my privacy needs? Will having the curtains drawn be an issue?

Before deciding on blinds, please consider the following checklist to assist your decision:

  • What will the purpose of the blinds be? Ie. privacy, sunscreening, insulation, room darkening etc.
  • Do I want to retain the view ?
  • Is daytime or nighttime privacy an issue?
  • Is the room cold?
  • Is the room hot?

You can ensure all your considerations are addressed by organising a consultation with your local retailer.

The science of blinds is quite complex and there is much to consider. This will be explored more in following articles.

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