DIY tips for tile and grout cleaning

DIY tips for tile and grout cleaning
These DIY tips for tile and grout cleaning will get you started before you need to hire a professional.

Cleaning tiles and grout can require significant manual work, particularly if you're not using the best products. And where you're renovating or have just moved into a new place and you want to make it beautiful and clean, it can be time spent that you just don't have.

First - let's try to get the tiles clean:

- Sweep the floor to take anything that's sitting on the surface away, so you're just dealing with the tiles and the grit.

- Mop the floor using 1/2 cup white vinegar and about a 4 litres of warm water. The aim is to let the acidity in the vinegar work as a natural grease remover. (This is particuarly useful for kitchens!)

- If you do this and it doesn't appear to work, try using 1/2 cup pain metholated spirits with some warm water.

- Use dishwashing liquid to mop the floor and remove hard grease.

- Where you have stains, try cleaning them with scouring powder (you can make your own by combining salt, borax cleaner (used for sinks) and baking soda. Here's what you need to do: spread the mix on the stain using a clean cloth and leave it for 5-10 minutes. After this time, scrub the area with a soft brush and thoroughly rinse the title with warm water and a cloth. Repeat the process until the stain has gone.

Now let's look at maintenance:

Once you have your tiles clean and you feel great about your new place, it's best to look at how you can maintain them so you don't need to put so much effort in to cleaning them next time. The more maintenance you put in, the less effort it will take to clean the tiles going forward.

- Sweep the tiles daily with a fluffy dust mop or vacuum. This will remove any loose dust and dirt. A straw broom may scratch the surface and is best avoided.

- Mop your floor with warm water once a week. This will help your tiles to stay nice and shiny.

- Dry the floor right after damp mopping, by going over it with a dry mop. This stops new dirt from quickly setting in and becoming hard-to-remove grimes.

- Wipe up spills as they happen - even if it's just water! It sound simple, but every effort will help.

- Put a doormat outside your home to stop people from tracking mud through your house.


To find a professional cleaner to assist you with cleaning your tiles, please search the HomeImprovement2day directory.