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Blind Cleaning Specialists clean and repair all styles of window blinds. VENETIANS - VERTICALS - ROMAN - DUETTES & ROLLERS We also do size reduction for blinds. Blind Cleaning Specialists also sell NZ manufactured brand new blinds!

Other blind specialists - greater than 10km from Mount Pleasant (8081)

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design manufactuer and repair traditional leadlights design repair manufacture modern leadlightsCopy of Project3 welcome To the Looking Glass website,Thank you for visiting us online. We aim to give you all the information you need and visual insight to the beautiful art we love to create. New innovative processes are in practice all the time, to enhance our already proven product range. We love a challenge and trying something new. If there are any unanswered questions click on the contact ...
Make your home as comfortable as possible without coldness, condensation or noise. Get a free, no-obligation professional appraisal today. Thermoglaz is a proven brand you can trust - and we guarantee it. Whether you’re looking to double glaze timber framed windows, or aluminium framed windows we have the most professional and reliable system available in Christchurch.
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