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Other furniture specialists - greater than 30km from Thames (3500)

We started YardArt in 2004, with the vision to offer inspiration with unique and creative pieces to adorn indoor and outdoor spaces. Where possible we do that with art created locally, and currently have work from more than 40 different artists. This means you may find a style, finish or design you like but want something a bit different. With local artists, we can work to help you achieve that. We also have a range of contemporary pieces we make here which allows us some creative freedom. Working ...
We'll put you to sleep It's not that we're boring! It's because we'll listen. Our job is to find out what you really need in a bed. We'll give you bed options that we think will suit you. And help you choose the best bed for a great night's sleep. Let's face it, if you wake up tired its hard to get the most out of your day. That's where we come in – we'll make sure you choose the right bed for you so you can sleep better than you have before and get the most out of the next day. We’ve ...
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