Association Offer

We recognise that many of the businesses listed in our marketplaces are a part of an industry or other association and as such we are committed to working with all associations representing our members and exploring new ways to benefiting both these associations and their members who are listed with us.

How we can help

Working together we can offer free or discounted listings in single or multiple marketplaces where cross-over exists, to save your members money. Where listings are "paid" we offer a revenue share program to put funds back into the association, to the benefit of their members.

Full reporting and transparency is key, and we support both.

Benefits of listing your Members

  • Lower cost, and qualified opportunities
  • Building and improving online visibility
  • Promoting special offers and events at no extra cost
  • Full control of their listings, content and features

Benefits to the Association

  • More engagement and opportunity for Members (Save money and grow revenue)
  • Ability to further promote your Association to applicable non-members
  • Revenue share options to support and grow the Association
  • Full transparency and control

Low risk

Members can set up no-commitment free listings and maintain these indefinitely, buying leads if they wish to. Should a member move to a paid listing they have a 30-day money back guarantee.

What to do next

If this sounds interesting and exciting, contact us to get more information on how we can work together to the mutual benefit of both parties.